This will be the Biographical look at a former Disco Baby and Fashion Model from the late 1970's to early 1980' the present, hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Danita Iris is a fashion designer of Cree and Saulteaux descent who resides in Edmonton Alberta; she is the creative director of Sky Spirit.  Danita creates contemporary business and formal wear that reflect cultural pride, her elegant designs and clean silhouettes are accentuated with subtle native designs.  Danita states her designs or motifs are average and non symbolic out of respect to the Indian Nations as she does not want to be controversial.  Danita asserts that Native Americans have adorned their clothes for centuries, depending on their status in the tribe from the Chiefs down

 Begun eight years ago in 2002, she has now obtained manufactures who put her designs together just as she has designed them, no small fete. Ms. Iris says she comes to designing totally new to the Fashion industry, *green* as she puts it.  Putting together collection after collection is no small deal and comes with a price all designers are too well aware of.

Danita Iris is the newest member to the Santa Fe Fashion Week, when asked what her vision for Santa Fe Fashion week were, she stated that she has designed a collection called The Indian Stone Collection.  A collection built around the gemstone Turquoise, the collection will be in hues of Turquoise, black, grey, and whites.

Ms. Iris has a Western Wear collection called Indian pony, in honor of her brother and is currently working on designs for the Chief Collection.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Syrup’s stunning silhouettes, unique fabrics, and handcrafted details function both to accentuate and flatter a woman’s body and to support her confidence and sense of style. The Syrup swimwear and cover-up collection focuses on making a woman look and feel her most beautiful, sensual and alluring.  With exclusive, eye-catching designs, I strive to make the Syrup woman the center of attention by finding the perfect balance of her delicate femininity and her playful, sexy side.

Mr. Aaron Fust, the founder of Syrup Swimwear got his ideas for a fashionable swimwear collection by spending a significant amount of time on the Beaches of Spain.  In Europe, women are very serious about swimwear and do not take this lightly.  On returning to the United States Mr. Fust thought, what about American women, certainly they too would benefit from *fashionable* swimwear, 2007 the birth of Syrup Swimwear and now women in major cities from Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Los Vegas have been seen sporting Syrup.

Mr. Fust is the newest addition to Santa Fe Fashion Week; there he will bring the Community of Santa Fe a firsthand look at his collection in hopes to develop an interest in his swimwear to the Santa Fe lady who from necessity often give pool parties.  I certainly hope these ladies of the high desert find and love this collection, as I am sure they will.  See more at;    You can find Syrup Swimwear on both Facebook and Twitter.