This will be the Biographical look at a former Disco Baby and Fashion Model from the late 1970's to early 1980' the present, hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This blogging is the one most difficult thing I have ever endeavoured...who exactly am I writing to?  Who reads it...who cares?  The answer is I care...for that alone I do this...will I ever be recognized?  I doubt it but I will continue...out of my love for Fashion and trends.   Will I ever get advertisers...will I ever get comments...this has yet to be seen...but I continue...and shall continue.

thank God for Habibi supporting my interests...without that I really do not know what I would do...for this has got to be the most unrewarding job I have ever had.  I wonder how many new Bloggers are out there feeling what it is that I feel?  I can only imagine...we all want to be Tavi and is ridiculous to think this way for we are ourselves and what we bring to our blogs are deeply ours and no one elses.

In the ever changing in Fashion we will never be without subject matter...just Followers LOL...but seriously I could write on fashion and the latest trends that are forever changing from moment to moment...and still not say enough...and with that I MUST LAUGH...

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