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Monday, November 21, 2011


Manufactured in a facility on the outskirts of Florence, each hand-sewn loafer passes through the delicate hands of a team of highly-skilled artisans who are involved in perfecting each and every shoe. After being sewn together and lasted, the shoes are then hand-stained and welted before going through a finishing process that includes polishing, drying, and the addition of the signature horsebit.  For decades the Iconic horsebit loafer has stood for elegance, a status symbol for many, a collector item.

Recently Gucci turned 90 years old and for their Anniversary month they came out with a Blue Suede horsebit loafer, which is no longer available.  I am a happy owner of the Gucci Blue Suede loafer. Surprisingly all three pair of my Gucci loafers are in suede, odd.  


  1. Thank ya,they are my fave so far. Waiting to see what Gucci will surprise me with next.

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