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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


UPDATE:  we were to move in November 1st  but then the management found that the bathroom had floor rot and decided it must be fixed before we moved in so they moved the date to December 1st instead, they said it would take two weeks to fix, well as of date no work has been done on the bathroom, so it does not look like we will be moving in till after December, December what I have no idea, management said they would prorate the rent which is good, stressful but good.

Moving to California, I weighed a hefty 233 pounds and in three weeks I have lost seven pounds, this weight gain of mine is proving to be most taxing, I have never in my life weighed this much, I have been a wisp of a waif all my life and then moving to NYC I just blew up, I hope this move to California will prove healthful as far as my weight is concerned.  I have not been able to shop as I would like as my weight has gone up exponentially since moving back to NYC four years ago. 

The move back to NYC proved helpful in the fact I know why I left NYC in the first place, lol and it was the weather then as it is the weather again, this time it is the heat and humidity of the Summer, the last time it was the bone chilling cold, the winters were fine it was just the Summers that I could not deal with, and when my Doctor said a move to Arizona or Southern California would do my health some good, well seeing that I hate Arizona, my only choice would be back to sunny Southern California where I lived for 18 years, as it appears, California seems to be *home*.   I look forward to my legendary parties here in California, Birthday, Celebration of Life, and my Super Bowl parities and all the little get togethers in between.


  1. I'm so happy for you! Your weight will get back to where you want it. Just be patient and work at it everyday, but don't be too hard on yourself. You are fabulous. Sorry to hear about your new place :/ but hopefully it will be finished very soon! I wish I could experience one of those legendary parties ;) Best of luck mon chou <3

  2. Merci Dixie, oh how I wish you could be here in February for my celebration of life party, it's absolutely fabulous.

    1. I understand the weight issue. I've never been a waif, but I have been in way better shape. Shopping is most depressing, because you know how you want to look, but the mirror is not You will be fit as a fiddle in no time, as my lovely daughter says "you are fab" I can envision your parties in my head! Have fun, and keep us posted on all the adventures to come. <3

  3. You hit the nail on the head Dwana, shopping is the absolute worse...I will keep you posted...♥