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Saturday, March 5, 2011


News: Insiders at Balmain are not sure when Monsieur Christophe Decarnin will return as he has been admitted into a Psychiatric Hospital for Depression. Paris Fashion is indeed suffering this season…but…this is not the first time a designer has been hospitalized…this also happened to Monsieur Saint Laurent.

Yes times in Paris are very sad indeed I just hope the silver lining will reveal itself. The Saint Laurent breakdown was indeed sad…oh but how empowering and the remarkable strength shown by Monsieur Saint Laurent…coming back and then starting his own House YSL.

Working in the Mental Health field for over a decade has brought me both tears and joy…joy…watching those small and big triumphs gives me hope that there is goodness in the world and that God or the universe does care.

I do hope Monsieur Decarnin comes through and gets better. Who knows maybe he could start his own line. The fashion industry can be very hard on a designer…having to outdo each and every season…selling your work…etc. This must be very taxing on one.

We are not created to be superstars, we are human, but there are those who attain superstardom. How does one cope with all the adulation…with living one’s life under the microscope…this has to run a poor soul down.

I know Paris Fashion will reinvent herself and one day we will again rejoice in her creations and those creative artists that are the engine of Paris Fashion Week.


  1. simple...elegant...thoughtful...the understated economy of words well-said...beautifully...impact...I am glad to know you William Hamilton...♥ Zeeva

  2. You are so very sweet Zeeva...thank you so very much...I am glad to know you also...♥