This will be the Biographical look at a former Disco Baby and Fashion Model from the late 1970's to early 1980' the present, hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have...

Monday, March 21, 2011


It appears in thin air, I have so many hits, but no one is following. I do not know what I can do to get followers, I desperately need followers, and advertisers are not only looking at hits but more importantly how many followers one has. I do not expect my followers to forever comment on my blog…a few would be nice, as we bloggers almost live for the comments. I can remember when I started this blog and how I felt when I received my first comment, I was beside myself with joy…albeit my sister who gave that support, but still, I felt I am doing this, then a friend commented and I was ecstatic…lol.

Often I ask my followers on Facebook what can I do to keep you engaged…no comments…for I have seemed to have lost my appeal, but just as I say I am going to quit or that I have lost my audience, my Fb friends tell me, no…they love me. I know them well enough to say yes, we do share a kind of love, a respectful love of one another and a love for fashion. Maybe if I incorporated more art into my blog, as I am an Artist/Fashion Blogger, I could generate more followers, after all Fashion design is a form of art. It all begins as all art does with the mere thought, a sketch or study, then the completed piece, though it is not on canvas, the models are the canvas as they walk down the runway with the piece of art on their backs. I am pretty much thinking out loud…forgive me if I become tangential, lol

What I am asking…begging, is that someone please follow, I am stuck at 36 for so long. I know this is not the easiest blog to follow, for they ask you to create a blog, which you do in fact NOT HAVE TO DO, I do not even know why they ask such a thing, also you do not need to have a Google account either. I have no incentive to follow other than I hope you find my blog insightful, humorous, and yes fun. It is not all about Fashion it is also a glimpse into my life as my blog is both Pure Aggregator and Pure Analyst, meaning that, I share web links and other sources and has original content, like a journal.

I attend many Art Receptions here in New York and often take pictures of people expressing themselves in fashion at these events. So if you would, join me for this little ride, and I promise I will not inundate you with Posts…I post once or twice a month here…on Facebook it is everyday egad…


Study for Grasping; graphite,which became a 5X5 foot acrylic painting on Canvas. © sold to private collector.


  1. I just realized I couldn't think of anything to write...I'm still pondering the Daily Mail's photos of Kate Moss's cellulite in that trashy mini mini short outfit at the LV show...that outfit only for the pre pubescent...what the hell was Marc Jacobs thinking...yes I know sex sells...there is so much trash design out there don't you think?

  2. I do indeed, Thierry Muglers collection was the absolute worst...not the Mugler I was expecting to see. Some called the collection sexy I thought it trashy...albeit expensive, but trash nonetheless.

  3. I forgot, you're stuck at 36, I'm way behind at 16, but grateful for those including YOU!

  4. And I am sooo very grateful for YOU...