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Wednesday, January 28, 2015




So much has happened since 2013; I left Long Beach, CA for Albuquerque, NM to be with my sister who you will meet as this blog goes on.  Long Beach proved to be a mistake and we will not bash Long Beach, suffice it to say, we could have chosen a 101 places better, my health deteriorated while in Long Beach, I never left the Apartment for the pain from my Peripheral Neuropathy, alas, we moved to Albuquerque, NM to be nearer my sister who does not seem to be in the best of health either, and since this is the only family I have left, I thought it important to make this move.

As you all know, I left New York City a hefty 233 pounds well, since moving to The Land of Enchantment I am down to 193 lbs.  When leaving NYC I donated all my designer clothes, but I saved my belts in hopes that one day, one day, I will be able to get in them once again, and well, that time has come I can fit all my designer belts save my Louis Vuitton, therefore, more weight must be lost.  The apartment complex I moved into which happens to be the nicest we have ever had since being together, Bay Ridge was cute but this place is much bigger and offers us a washer and dryer in the unit, dishwasher, two bathrooms and an office, bedroom as well and all very spacious, Habibi says I did a good job!  Albuquerque is a lot, well not a lot, like Long Beach in that one needs to drive while living here, therefore we have bought a Ford Focus, our bucket to get us around until we become completely and firmly planted her in ABQ.  Albuquerque is a down to earth kind of place where labels do not mean too much, but I do see girls pooching with their Michal Kors bags, or Coach.  BUT WE DO HAVEAN H&M here, I have not checked it out yet as I am not of the weight to be going in asking anything with my fat ass.  I am seriously working on this weight and will have it down and must order my clothe on line as there are not any High End store but Dillards here and even that has become a joke, but it beats MACY’s oh gawd, there are only two Macy’s Herald Square in NYC and the one in San Fran, these other things popping up all over the place are like a glorified JCPenny, and I am not knocking JCPenny at all. One walks into Macy’s here and you swear you had walked into Salvatore Ferragamo minus the comp Champagne at the door, it is the attitude, these folks act like they are the poo!  I do not throw shade, I mean this is ABQ I let them throw shade at me, because they are not knowing, my belt cost more than their entire get up and I smile and give them the awright!

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