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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Had a divine dinner at Armani’s, I had the Prosciutto with Melon Balls to start off with, followed by the Cornish Hen with Broccoli Rabe, ending in three scoops of very rich Ice Cream.  The Prosciutto was awesome!  A bite of the Prosciutto followed by the little Honey Dew Mellon ball and the flavor of the Prosciutto just explodes in your mouth.  The Cornish Hen was seasoned just right, I love Broccoli and the Broccoli Rabe was fantastic!  Now, I do not eat sweets of any kind and found the Ice Cream to be a bit too sweet and very rich.  Other than that, the experience was fabulous. My waiter that we always had no longer works there, alas.  With the meal I had, and I forget the name, a Red Italian wine, it was not a Chianti, that I know. 

I brought my camera to take pictures of my meal, but was too embarrassed to do so; I did not want to draw attention to myself.

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