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Thursday, February 9, 2012


The IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) Conference was a blast!  The conference lasted for eight hours, where they spoke on such subjects as; What are Bloggers Worth, Media goes Mobile, Your Blog, Your Dream, or Just the Beginning, and finally How to Make Your Blog Irresistible.

I took copious notes; so much information was being thrown out!  Unfortunately, my dumb butt forgot my camera, but I had my mobile camera *not the same*!  I met some very interesting girls.  There were only a handful of male bloggers in attendance, and for some reason we did not speak, which was odd.  You would think we would gravitate towards one another, not the case.  I networked, handed my card out to several people, and had many photo ops.

Overall, HAMILTONMODE, me, is a brand and seeing that I am a full time Blogger I need to blog at least three times a week, and as far as money, I should not be scared to ask for money for what they call sponsor posts.  The minimum should be around six hundred dollars up to one thousand.  Jennine Jacob IFB founder said those bloggers living in New York City should have no excuse to not have advertisers, as all the major brands are stationed here.  Video Blogging is a must or Vlog in this day and age, and finally we need to engage our readers and vice versa.  Well, I like to keep my post under 250 words, the only sad part about IFB Con was the gift bag…I can’t use a thing in it, not a girl!

 The Panel, with Karen Moon of style Musee, Macala Wright for FMM, Tom and Lorenzo, Bryanboy and on the end Aliza Licht of DKNY

Me and Blogger Mary Chung photo op for Dersign Within Reach...


  1. Lucky you!!!! Sorry I missed it & meeting you in person!

  2. Oh Louise...♥ We will meet one day, I live on hope...there is always September.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun :) Any luck on finding sponsors? PS, you look fab! Love those blue suede shoes!