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Friday, January 7, 2011


What is it men want? Do men even really follow Fashion Blogs? Of course they do…are they compelled like women to comment? It appears not so much…How then am I to get the men in my audience to participate? I feel as though I am just spinning my wheels here…like I don’t know how to capture my audience…what keeps them interested?

I thought Fashion and Fashion News…but they seem more interested in my daily life…should my blog become like a personal diary? What I am wearing…what I am eating…etc I seem to get more interest when I make these post…the only thing with that is I do not want to come across as conceited or really shallow…though I am a little…lol

Seriously…I am a guy that wants to turn my blog hopefully into an all male fashion blog…so I am testing the waters so to speak with my little Facebook blog…actually it is not little at all…830+ followers or fans as they called them on Facebook. What to do what to do… this goes back to what must I do to become a famous blogger? I have absolutely no idea…it is hard to give the people what they want because so many do not comment…so one is at a lost for thoughts around this whole blogging thing. Do men care about male facial products and just how many use them…and how often…daily or just on special occasions? Do men really care about the layering of fashion by say Yohji Yamamoto…hmmm just thinking out loud is all. Are men interested in the latest trends? A ride on the subway tells me yes they are…is this something unconscious…or do some guys actually read GQ and say yes I want to look like that or to wear that.

Anyway, it goes back ultimately to…good things come to those who wait. After all…my blog is not even a year old yet…really. It is really like I just recently  have gotten started actually blogging. So to want a million followers and all the advertisers known to mankind is a mere dream that I know takes time. Time that precious commodity…either you have it or not…time that is.


  1. I understand your frustration...But it is like you have said...good things come to those who wait.