This will be the Biographical look at a former Disco Baby and Fashion Model from the late 1970's to early 1980' the present, hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have...

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yamamoto became an influential fashion designer after making his Paris debut in 1981. His commercially successful main lines, Yohji Yamamoto (women/men) and Y's, are especially popular in Tokyo. These two lines are also available at his flagship stores in New York, Paris, and Antwerp, and at high-end department stores worldwide. Yohji Yamamoto Inc. reported in 2007 that the sales of Yamamoto's two main lines average above $100 million annually.

Yamamoto is known for an avant-garde spirit in his clothing, frequently creating designs far removed from current trends. His signature oversized silhouettes in black often feature drapery in varying textures.
Yohji is by far my favorite designer...the king of layers...when Yohji hit Paris in 1981 I had just stopped modeling but as one can tell have never given up on closet in the 80's was mostly Yohji and Kansai Yamamoto with  some Matsuda and Issey thrown in for good measure.


  1. OK...I hate the expression,even though I love Rachael Zoe...but I DIE!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this look...and love the pieces I have and treasure...this photo is DIVINE! PS today I'm wearing a vintage 80s Comme des Garcons asymmetrical black wool sweater, which I love!

  2. I love it Louise...I absolutely love Comme des Garcons...I just so love Japanese fashion period. Thank you for always commenting this means the world to me...♥