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Monday, July 4, 2011


Emmanuelle Alt (b. 1967) became the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris in February 2011, succeeding Carine Roitfeld. Alt had been fashion director of the magazine from 2000, when Ms. Roitfeld assumed the chief editor’s position and hired Alt directly from Mixte magazine.
Alt, who was educated at the Assomption-Lübeck school (Institut de l'Assomption) in Paris, has a makeup free youthful appearance and often wears jeans while eschewing dresses and skirts. She is often found dressed in her signature blazers or jackets, paired with skinny jeans and towering heels. The Lübeck is a bourgeois institution run by the Little Sisters of the Assumption. The alumnae, who have obviously been prepared for the clothing trade, include Caroline Deroche of Givenchy, Mathilde Agostinelli of Prada, Victoire de Castellane of Christian Dior, Vanessa Seward of Loris Azzaro, and Camille Miceli of Louis Vuitton as well as former French first lady Cécilia Sarkozy.
About her intentions for the future content of French Vogue, she has stated: “I don’t think there should be radical changes”.  And she intends to remain with the magazine’s past stable of photographers, such as David Sims, Mert and Marcus, Mario Testino, and Bruce Weber.
During Roitfeld’s tenure the publication’s 2010 circulation rose from 100,000 to 140,000, during the global financial crisis. The increase was probably encouraged by the magazine's content — much of it styled by Alt as well as Roitfeld — in a provocative manner that included a great deal of nudity and sadomasochistic appurtenances.
Alt's first issue at the helm was April 2011.

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