This will be the Biographical look at a former Disco Baby and Fashion Model from the late 1970's to early 1980' the present, hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have...

Thursday, July 14, 2011


This month marks the first Anniversary of HAMILTONMODE, what does this mean to me, and am I where I want to be in my first year?  This entry I will discuss my unrealistic ambitions and expectations, and a clear reality check.
Funny, by now, a mere year, I thought I would have a million fans and that I would be getting invites to all the Couture shows, I thought I would be turning Bryan Boy out, that I would be a superstar Blogger, after all this is, what I was meant to be doing and the world would have recognized this and I would be a blogging superstar…okay SNAP OUTTA IT!  I am no one in the Fashion World, I have spent only a year at this while others have spent almost a decade doing this and are just now attending shows and getting recognized, so who do I think I am, that I should not spend my blood sweat and tears in order to achieve the things I would like, after all nothing good comes easy, and should not, like my Art, I thought after my first show I would be the next Jean Michel Basquiat, and that I should have sold out and that my paintings would be one hundred thousand dollars out the gate…delusions of grandeur would you say, GADS.  The reality is I must show a little, well in  my case a lot of patience and a lot of humility, I must in short, show some maturity around “work” and this is what this is.  You do not get hired as, let’s say the office clerk and become the CEO overnight after all.  The reality is, I could very well NEVER get an invitation to Haute Couture Week and that I will find myself doing what I am doing now for the same 58 people from now on.  Will this mean I am not a blogger, no it just means the universe has found something better for me and that super stardom is just not for me, does this mean I have failed, NO it does not, it just means I must accept my ordinary vocation in life, after all not everyone is meant to be a star.
My wish, I wish that all the people that read my blog would take the time to click “follow” I would really like to grow in number of followers…but hey, what am I going to do, I cannot make anyone follow, I can only ask.  I wish, that when in this my first year, when I send letters out to Designers that they are receptive and allow me to attend their shows…well, my plan was to keep this under 500 words so I better bring this to close with THANK YOU, ALL WHO HAVE EVER READ HAMILTONMODE…views my first year 5,763.


  1. We are SO NOT a failure...not by a long shot...

  2. You are a wonderful work in progress. <3

  3. Why thank you Dwana...Mmmmmwah...♥

  4. That was a very humble are doing great!!! I was just thinking, wondering actually, how many sentences, complete or incomplete, relative to anything or nothing, inspiring or idiotic do you suppose there are on the internet? AND divide that number (does any computer out there know the official number) X the number of internet readers??? Just wondering...I know go wonder somewhere else xoxo

  5. LOL...You are asking my dumb butt...heee hee hee...I might fall into incompletes and relative to nothings...hee hee hee.