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Friday, July 15, 2011


Gareth Pugh’s screening of its Spring and Summer 2011 collection in London was a first for an audience that is use to seeing collections walk down a runway…this time they were ushered into a Theatre to watch the film of the collection, it was absolutely awesome!!!
Fashion films are nothing new; YSL, Chanel, and other top designer have made short films as a means of advertising.  The Manifesto Campaign by Yves Saint Laurent has been doing short films for years now, and we almost expect them.  Yohji Yamamoto has a short film for his Y-3 line that is pretty much a fashion show in its self.
There are those in the Fashion Industry that would like to see the end of the Runway and only bring you Fashion Films for the show of collections…hmmm we will just have to see where this goes.


  1. visually stunning & quite FUN...I LOVE that films are getting more & more artistic & creative..but for future of showing collections? I'd like to see them incorporate the films--which can actually show off the clothing in a very different way than runway models--but there's something so special & wonderful about live models walking/wearing it WELL...well..guess I just WANNA HAVE the BEST of BOTH!

  2. I would like to see that as well, I too want my cake and eat it too. But honestly I cannot see the runways going away...I hope not.