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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


There are many very feminine women who love a good pair trousers and an Oxford shirt, and this has nothing to do with their sexual psychological “mix-up” as suggested by some religious right…we will not even go there for it is absolutely ludicrous, nor does liking menswear make you a Lesbian as suggested by some.  With that put aside let us look at masculine wear on women and ways to throw this curve.

Suit Jackets: pair a Suit Jacket with a slim skirt or this season a miniskirt or wide leg trousers.

Oxford  Shirts: the one thing you can do is go to your tailor and have him tailor your new found Oxford to fit your feminine proportions, if you get an Oxford with French cuffs, instead of Cuff links, take a satin ribbon and tie off your cuff with a pretty bow.

Ties:  you can wear your Tie the traditional way or throw the curve and wear the Tie as a belt.  I personally do this every summer and have Ties just for this use.

Ok ladies, go at it, and by all means have fun…


  1. Done right, I find it very attractive...good topic, thank you.

  2. Truly, very attractive...thank YOU for always leaving a comment, you get it...

  3. I have always loved men's dress shirts on me . I think they look good & they're the only kind of button fronts I dont get that little open space on. You wouldnt understand but other women will.
    I love vests paired with a flowy skirt , too. I think thats just lovely.

  4. I must agree Nancy I don't understand...LOL,I also love men's vest on women.