This will be the Biographical look at a former Disco Baby and Fashion Model from the late 1970's to early 1980' the present, hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have...

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, known as Yves Saint Laurent, August 1, 1936 – June 1, 2008), was a French fashion designer, one of the greatest names in fashion history. In 1985, Caroline Rennolds Milbank wrote, "The most consistently celebrated and influential designer of the past twenty-five years, Yves Saint Laurent can be credited with both spurring the couture's rise from its sixties ashes and with finally rendering ready-to-wear reputable." He is also credited with having introduced the tuxedo suit for women, became the first designer to use ethnic models in his runway shows, and referenced other non-European cultures in his work. Yves Saint Laurent was born in Oran, Algeria; left for Paris after secondary school to pursue a fashion career; and at 17 was hired as couturier Christian Dior's assistant. When Dior died four years later, he was named head of the House of Dior. In 1961, Saint Laurent opened his own fashion house and quickly emerged as one of the world's most influential and spectacular designers.

I absolutely love Gucci Loafers but as for clothes...J’adore Yves Saint Laurent!!!

 Yves Saint Laurent Guaze Shirt - used for those days I go to Resorts in Palm Springs lounging by the poolside
 YSL Tuxedo Shirt- a gentleman's closet is not complete without an YSL Tuxedo.  I must not be a gentleman...
YSL Shirt, Belt, and Slacks...on my way to Manifesto...excuse the Loft...just moved in when this picture was taken and the place was a hot mess...LOL